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Enhanced Vision via Physical Interactions and Models

2 minute read


The way humans interact with the real world is an intrinsic function in human brains where we naturally obtain information from the visible changes arising from the interactions. For instance, we know that a bottle of transparent liquid is sparkling when we observe an excessive amount of bubbles generated by shaking the bottle. This is only the one of many examples where we sense the objects around us using physical interactions.


Experience on VR Detective Game Prototyping

1 minute read


As the emergence of virtual reality (VR), we observe an increasing trend in VR games, especially powered by commercial off-the-shelf VR headsets, such as HTC Vive. Apart from fast-pacing VR games like Fruit Ninja VR and FPS games like Robo Recall, we leverage the essence of VR - immersive and interactive experience - to design and develop a slow-pacing detective game, ByStanders.